Fits Head Gasket Set 04 - 09 Subaru 2.5L EJ25 SOHC Impreza Legacy Forester Outback


Fits Head Gasket Set 04 - 09 Subaru 2.5L EJ25 SOHC Impreza Legacy Forester Outback



Product Component:    • Multi-layered Steel (MLS) head gasket

• Intake manifold gasket
• Exhaust manifold gasket
• Valve cover gasket
• Viton valve stem seals
• Front camshaft seal
• O-rings
• Other small gaskets
• Gasket silicone sealant


Car Application:


05 - 06 SAAB 9-2X 2.5L 2458CC H4 SOHC 16V, ENG.CODE "EJ25"

04 - 06 SUBARU BAJA 2.5L 2458CC H4 SOHC 16V, ENG.CODE "EJ25"

04 - 09 SUBARU FORESTER 2.5L 2458CC H4 SOHC 16V, ENG.CODE "EJ25"

04 - 09 SUBARU IMPREZA 2.5L 2458CC H4 SOHC 16V, ENG.CODE "EJ25"

04 - 09 SUBARU LEGACY 2.5L 2458CC H4 SOHC 16V, ENG.CODE "EJ25"

04 - 09 SUBARU OUTBACK 2.5L 2458CC H4 SOHC 16V, ENG.CODE "EJ25"

Product Description


Maojia’s products cover a wide range of gasket sets, and the application includes European, American, Japanese and Korean cars and diesel trucks. The quality of the main parts, like head gasket and oil seal, reaches OE standard. The products are supplied to many domestic automotive OEMs and have the quality guarantee of 100,000 kilometers.


Here in Maoija Industry we offer a large coverage of various engine gasket applications which are fully coated with fluoride. With engineers’ strict structural design, material selection and product test, our head gasket products provide standard OE design and solution. During the production process, the products will be sampling inspected by advanced OE technology. Strict process control and quality control can ensure high reliability and durability of the products.


The company actively imports advanced technology at home and abroad, making use of automatic assembly line and advanced packing protecting equipment to make sure that defective or substandard products will not be delivered to our customers. ERP system is applied to record warehouse, production and sales link. The factory workshop strictly implements 5S management and manages every link of the production chain with standardized technological process, so as to ensure the accuracy of each packaged parts. With data visualization and precise management, the integration of internal information systems and the process standardization management can be realized.


Our performance in gasket manufacturing has given us a good name in the aftermarket. With a large range available, we are proud to provide our customers with references that fit major automotive manufacturers. In addition to gaskets, we also supply oil seals, valve cover gaskets and manifold gaskets to meet customers’ demands.


Our head gasket set is just what you need to keep your car in good condition. The gaskets iuncluded in this kit are high quality gaskets that the dealers and rebuilding shops use everyday. These gaskets are designed for the professional installer. It does not come with any installation instructions. If you do not have a service manual, please consult a professional mechanic prior to installing this set. Please refer to the listing pictures or ask the sales for an accurate description of the parts included in the set.




Head Gasket Set

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